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Flatpack Assembly Services, sub-brand to Flatpack Global, is a multi-national franchising business that's revolutionising the way we people see flatpack furniture. Quickly building anything from sheds to beds, wardrobes to office furniture.

From early 2018 to March 2020, I was employed at Flatpack Global where I created a brand portfolio, marketing materials and developed the online presence. The partnership continues from March 2020, with Flatpack Global retaining as a key client of Pink Pony Creative.


While employed at Flatpack Global, I was able to create a brand that reflects their fun, approachable and unique business. Their vibrant marketing material gives life into what seems your typical service company.


A full website design and development was undertaken to provide customers, supply partners and potential franchisees with information that leaves them knowing exactly who they are and what they do. View the full website here.

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